Rhubarb & Cardamon Soda Water

Step into a world of the finest flavours with The London Essence Company. They always distil their botanicals for the purest flavour, creating contemporary drinks with a nostalgic twist, which pair perfectly with premium spirits.

This crafted soda contains an intricate combination of ingredients, including juice extracted from the finest Malinova rhubarb and cardamom distillate, which is enhanced further by the addition of cardamom oil, for an especially fragrant top note. Such an ensemble of flavours results in a rounded, vanilla-esque finish, reminiscent of berries and spices.

With its sweet and subtly spiced taste profile, our Rhubarb & Cardamom crafted soda is just as delectable to drink unmixed as when partnered with a spirit.

£1.40 Inc. VAT 200ml

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